About Us
Jesse Kieffer, Managing Director

Responsible for operations and client services, Mr. Kieffer brings technical experience from the information technology, health, and biotechnology sectors. He has led the technology portion of multiple contracts and is an expert at leading teams that implement software development life cycle (SDLC) best practices within diverse project environments.


Yanko Ivanov, PMP, Senior Director

Responsible for management of client projects, Mr. Ivanov possesses a vast array of technical expertise including: project management, business analysis, and taxonomy. Mr. Ivanov routinely engages with client stakeholders often adjusting his communication toward plain language explanations which assist client’s in making important technical decisions with ease.


Richard Owens, Digital Design Consultant

Responsible for design and development, Mr. Owens has successfully delivered innumerable client projects across a broad portfolio. His expertise is branding and identity, graphic design, and web and mobile Design. Mr. Owens harnesses existing technology to implement effective solutions for clients where possible and is a key contributor during development of complex custom software products.