Product & Business Strategy Consulting
Maximizing your effectiveness
  • We provide technical guidance in a way that you can understand
  • We bridge the gap between your business strategy and the technical aspects of software product development

Product Strategy Consulting

Endurson will guide your organization by leveraging our technology expertise to develop software product strategies that match your needs. Frequently, we employ a phased approach to develop your software product as detailed below:

  1. Endurson translates your business objectives and your software product idea into a product roadmap (i.e., plan)
  2. Endurson captures detailed requirements and designs your software product
  3. Endurson builds, tests, and deploys your product, often using an iterative approach (e.g., agile software development method)
  4. Endurson maintains your product and adds new features as needed

You are an integral part of each phase listed above and our collaboration results in a polished product with smartly placed content, visually compelling features, and high-performing functionality –helping users engage your software product in an intuitive and seamless way.

Idea Solidification
If technical decisions are not your forte, don’t fret. Using plain language, the Endurson team will describe software product options available and the pros and cons of each option in relation to your business objectives. Rest assured that you will have the information necessary to choose which software product(s) you want to build.
Product Roadmaps
The Endurson team will capture your product vision and develop a product roadmap (i.e., plan for your product). This key tool communicates the holistic view and core elements of your product. The product roadmap functions as “bumper lanes” which keeps all efforts made to deploy and manage your software product on track. The goal of the product roadmap is to achieve the vision of the software product and avoid the introduction of non-core features and functionality that results in costly delays.
Product Launch - Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
MVP is a product launch strategy which aims to deploy a software product with core features and nothing more. We introduce your software product to early adopters (i.e., customers) within your target market. The customers interact with your software product generating scientific proof of the value placed on core features. The customer feedback and our product team’s collective intuition results in frequent enhancements to your software product. Iterative changes are made throughout this process until it is evident from analysis that the product is gaining value or is deemed non-viable. The MVP launch strategy is just one reasonable approach. Endurson will help you discern a practical product launch strategy based on your business objectives.

Business Strategy Consulting & Problem Solving

We get it! We’re business experts managing top technologists so we’re focused on achieving your mission. The Endurson team values goal-oriented decision making. Our consultative approach naturally introduces beneficial insights that complement your business strategy. Some of the areas frequently contemplated and discussed with our clients include:

  • Business models for software products
  • Value propositions to customers
  • Innovative features that meet customer needs
  • Pricing models
  • Digital marketing strategy

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