Software Product Design & Development
Building software products that align with your business goals
  • We work with your team to maximize product value by aligning with your business objectives
  • We design and build software products that optimize your customer experience

Building and growing technology products is energizing. We have had many achievements of our own and we want to help you succeed. What ensures attainment of on-time and on-budget software product deployment? Committed clients, rigorous project management, a talented technology team, and a relentless orientation of a software product toward your business objectives. We’ll help you identify and measure key performance indicators (i.e., performance measurements) and make necessary adjustments to your product to realize your goals. Reach into Endurson’s toolbox of skills and allow us to help you get your software product launched.

Application Development: web, mobile web (browser-based), native mobile (e.g., iOS, Android), and hybrid products
As consumers we are “multiscreening,” using a combination of PC, mobile, and tablet devices to connect with products and services. This behavior illustrates a convincing case that your customers will expect to engage with your software product on any device.Here a few questions we help you answer:

  1. How does your business idea transform into a defined software product?
  2. What current technology solutions are available to you?
  3. Which technology should you use to create your software product?

The Endurson team will help you explore beyond a web-based software product to determine if your business objectives and market necessitate extending your product further through one of the following mobile solutions:

  • Native application development
    • Create an application in the native platform/language of a targeted device (e.g., Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Browser-based mobile web
    • Create an application that lives on the web and is accessed by the user’s through a browser on each device
  • A hybrid of attributes from both options listed above
Database Design, Development, and Integration
Data what? Just reading the title above may revive a feeling of “I’m already in over my head.” That’s okay. From a high-level, our background in database design allows the Endurson team to construct your software product in a way that maximizes performance and is intended for growth. We achieve this through constructing data model documentation which our technologists use to design and implement data solutions that deliver the results your customers crave.

A handful of data-oriented questions are as follows:

  • Does your software product need to connect to external data sources outside of your control?
  • What is the relationship between various data points stored within your software products system?
  • How heavy of a demand for data will persist based on the features of your software product and the volume of users?

Together, we’ll deep dive into your business initiatives to understand how customer’s (including your internal team) need to interact with data housed in your software product. For example, you may require dashboards with custom data query’s which return results that reveal insights (i.e., analytics) about how your customers use your product. Additionally, your business model may leverage data in your software product to produce additional revenue generating products (e.g., industry reports). Endurson will help you make sense of the data decisions required for your software product so that a seemingly arduous task is pleasantly easy and surprisingly interesting.

Research & Development, Pilot – Software Product Development
You have a great idea! You have funding to build a software product or need to hire a team with expertise to explore product ideas. Endurson can help. We will align technology with your product vision and business objectives to build a Minimally Viable Product (MVP). Your MVP will be tested to find what features of your product are embraced by early adopters in your target market.  We will rapidly test adjustments to your product with the aim of improving the user experience and ever-increasing the product value.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive design is a web design approach which involves coding a software product to dynamically optimize (i.e., adjust) content based on the screen size and device used. This approach is especially elegant if your goal is a simple and clean user interface. The technical considerations and effort required to implement responsive design merit a practical review. Endurson helps you examine a variety of factors (business objectives, budget, target market, etc.) to determine whether responsive design or an alternative web design approach (e.g., adaptive, mobile first, mobile only) should be utilized in development of your software product.

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