Manage Fevers More Easily With FeverPost

Record fevers for each childSet individual timersTrack medication given

FeverPost was created because we, as parents, were frustrated managing a child’s fever:

What was my child’s temperature a few hours ago?When did I last give medicine?What medicine did I give last time?I need a reminder to give medicine!My doctor wants to know what the temperate range was over the last 24 hours. How do I do that?
FeverPost is fantastic tool for busy parents that is simple and easy-to-use.The app lets you add logs for as many children as you need. Now when one or more of your kids have a fever you can easily keep track of their temperatures throughout the day and over multiple days and remember what medicine you gave them and at what time. Plus, it will help you remember when to give medications again by setting alerts.
Create records for multiple childrenFor each child, create logs with fever related detailsTrack individual temperaturesTrack day & time temperature was takenTrack medicine givenSet an alert for the future so you don’t forget to give follow-up medicine, if neededWrite notes about other symptoms or important information